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Reliable Multi-Path Carrier Connectivity

LinkTech’s high availability and scalability is accomplished through our partnerships with several long distance carriers. Our carriers include Light Year Communications, Integra / ELI, Frontier Communications, Time Warner Telecom, and Paetec. As a result of our affiliations with these companies, we are able to meet the demands of our customers with a rich blend of telephony related solutions.

The Internet

Staying ahead of the competition requires more than just a telephone to communicate. We ensure reliable online connectivity by employing a multi-faceted system that utilizes services through providers such as Frontier’s FIOS fiber service and Comcast’s 75 megabytes per second business connection. We’re able to access necessary information to provide quick solutions that meet the needs of every customer.

Digital Security

Our extensive infrastructure design, which consists of Adtran’s routers, distribution switches, and Enhanced Firewall Feature Pack, enables us to easily isolate and secure your information, while integrating with your back-end systems over private VPNs or secure HTTPS.
Our network equipment and carrier services are configured for High Availability to ensure redundancy and very high uptimes. Multiple private subnets allow us to go to a finer level of security with your network through either white-listing or peering routes, designed to limit access to specific groups. In addition to subnet isolation, VLAN’s within those subnets allow maximum versatility, security and performance.

Small, responsive, collaborative technical teams

The collaboration extends to the business management side as well – technological innovation is a practical art that is driven by business needs and customer satisfaction. Our technology people understand that the end product of all our expertise is the achievement of business objectives for everyone involved. We have found that small, collaborative teams can accomplish big things.