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Increase Productivity and Profits with Predictive Dialing

Outsourcing technology and software development is an easy and effective way to save money while increasing productivity. When working with LinkTech, you have access to the technology used at large, state of the art call centers, but without the associated costs.

Our dialing system is one of the many elements that set us apart from the competition. Employing predictive dialing technology increases agents’ work rate significantly as it allows the representative the opportunity to speak with two clients in the same amount of time it would take to reach one person, using traditional manual dialing methods. This technology also saves on management time as the system can manage data, do not call lists, sales leads, and other important call-logging information. In addition to the increase in high levels of productivity, the dialing system also makes way for management level monitoring to ensure quality. All calls and logged data can be recorded to be referenced later as well as be used for training and liability purposes.

Utilizing LinkTech’s dialer and other outsourcing solutions creates a complete and powerful service center that delivers client satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Contact LinkTech today to learn how we can help your business earn more money in less time.