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Research and Development

Client Portal

LinkTech continues looking for ways to improve upon digital interactions between clients and staff members. Our Client Portal is an excellent example of our dedication to client services as well as our proactive approach to digital communications.
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Customer Relationship Management

Comprised of technology, software, business strategy and processes, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is how businesses analyze and interact with customers.
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Custom Reporting

At LinkTech, we understand that reports are a necessary tool for making key decisions within your company. We also understand that every business has a unique set of considerations and, therefore, needs reports that are built around the specifications of your business.
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Custom Interfaces

We understand the value of supporting your staff in ways that make their excellence effortless. By providing your teams with the tools and technology they need to perform the advantages that would otherwise not exist, such provisions are accomplished.
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Market Research

Whether you are a new or well-established business, effective market research is necessary to understand your target market and increase your ROI. Successful businesses consistently have research conducted and evaluated to keep up with today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.
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Web Templates

Every step forward is driven by our desire to assist clients with meeting their goals and, in order to achieve such a grand accomplishment, it is extremely important to think about where and how our technology is being used.
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