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Custom Reporting

A More Effective Way to Deliver Results

At LinkTech, we understand that reports are a necessary tool for making key decisions within your company. We also understand that every business has a unique set of considerations and, therefore, needs reports that are built around the specifications of your business. Such reporting gives you the understanding of the key performance indicators (KPI) that drive your business. Custom reporting is an excellent tool for determining your future steps while also analyzing those that have already been taken.

Custom reporting is also a method by which you can achieve accountability. Perhaps you would like to analyze the performance level of the calls in your call center or maybe you would like to measure the ratio of call resolution versus the number of callbacks, within a given period of time. Including this level of accountability also assists with the training process and motivates higher performance. Such reporting tools will help you specifically identify the areas that need improvements as well as those that meet your requirements.

Our team of development specialists work with you to tailor a comprehensive custom report that delivers the specific information that your business requires. Extracting and integrating data from various sources, we create user-friendly reports that provide value, help your business determine future happenings, and accelerate your Return on Investment. Contact LinkTech today to learn how we can meet your business intelligence needs and take your company to the next level.